In Focus with Ryan!

When Ryan is not traveling the country slaying a photoshoot (literally arrived at the shoot with a suitcase), you can find her relaxing with a book, trying a new restaurant, and being an all-around awesome human.

What does an average day, if such a thing, look like for you?

Waking up and having coffee, and if I have time, putting on one of my favorite shows as I am getting ready for the day. Then, whatever is on my schedule for the day, like work or casting. If I am really lucky, I can read and just chill out. Then at night it's dinner, book, and bed.

Got a good joke?

That’s the thing! I always wish I was a good joke person and had one on hand!

Me: “They” say “you” should always have a good joke and a signature dance move ready at all times.

Ryan: I got the dance move down. I can do a good wave and robot. Those are my go-to's.

How do you practice sustainability?

Being mindful every day. It’s situational, right? Just making better decisions.Who was your favorite teacher and why?

Mr. Richardson, in third grade. He was kind, but strict, and let me be who I was.

Do you cut your sandwich vertically or diagonal?

I’m one of “those”, who does it vertically (laughing). I see the memes like “don’t be that person,” and I’m like, yeah, I am that person.

You can have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Amy Winehouse. I think she is so talented, and I would love to be able to talk to her. Maybe she’s also my go-to singer when you think of who you would have a duet with. I have always been so fascinated by her.

What’s the best advise you were given?

Trust the timing of your life.

Cupid Shuffle or Chicken Dance?

Cupid Shuffle- all the way!

You are granted three wishes. What are they?

To live forever, great health for me and my family, and the last one is tough. I’d just save the last wish for later.

Do you have any hobbies?

I love to read, to travel, and try out new restaurants

You’ve had a crazy day. How do you unwind?

I’ve had a crazy day…. I would light a candle, get on my robe, poor a glass of wine, and then play some calm music. And if I’m lucky, I’ll go into the jacuzzi.

Me: I like it. What’s your calm music?

Ryan: I like John Legend or John Legend, Apple Radio.

What’s your favorite line in a song or movie?

I like the lines to All the Stars in the Black Panther Soundtrack.

Best or memorable concert you’ve been to?

Oh the Jonas Brothers- I love them. Most memorable because it was super fun and they brought out these foam machines. I went in with straight hair and left with curly hair! There was confetti everywhere. I think I was in high school then, and my boyfriend took me to another concert, last year, when they were in San Diego. He was like “oh my gosh” as I sang all the songs like a teenage girl!

Interview featuring Ryan - @ryanimani

Photo by Patrick - @patrickyandoc

Hair and Makeup by Jen - @jencmakeup