In Focus with Bree


Casting for a photoshoot is both an exciting and difficult task. On one hand, we have a unique opportunity to meet so many amazing people. On the other, it is nearly impossible to narrow down the list for our next campaign – we simply love everyone. Then walks in Bree Kish. With her beautiful auburn hair, contagious laugh, and genuine heart – we melted. Inviting Bree to our photoshoot was one of the easiest and best decisions we’ve made. Not only did our team fall for Bree, but it’s obvious – so did the camera.  So as Valentine's Day quickly approaches (or as we prefer to celebrate Galentine's Day), we thought it only made sense to introduce our girl-crush, Bree Kish.  Check out our recent interview with this beauty. Cheers!


TSS: Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day is coming up. What are your plans?

Bree: Well, I have a boyfriend. So, I will be spending Valentine’s with him. Hopefully, doing something classic like going to a nice dinner. But for Galentine’s Day, I was really wanting to put together little gift baskets for all my friends.

TSS: What’s going to be in these gift bags?

B: Probably good self-care moments, like face-masks, fuzzy socks, candles, candy – things like that. But something small, like a care package situation.

TSS: Any plans with the boyfriend?

B: Well, I hope he has something planned… (laughing), because I certainly do not.

TSS: Do you have any nicknames?

B: Well technically Bree is my nickname because my real name is Brianna. But a lot of people call me “B” – the letter B. You know what is funny, a lot of people call me by my full name “Bree Kish” as if that’s my nickname. I don’t know why it’s always been like that.

TSS: Ok. So, there is an awkward silence in the room. What do you do?

B: Honestly, I think I would just let it be awkward. I think sometimes when people try to intercept awkward moments it makes it even more awkward. So, I try to act like it’s not happening and look at my phone.

TSS: What is something you keep procrastinating and can’t finish?

B: Hmmmm. That is a hard question, because honestly, I am very good about doing things. I have a to-do list on my phone, and I am always checking things off – so it’s kind of hard. Oh wait, I have one. I don’t know how to drive… I literally do not know how to drive. So that would be on my to-do list. I’ve never done it, and probably never will – so I don’t think it will ever get checked off. Maybe check back in with me in 10 years.

TSS: Have you always lived in this area?

B: I used to live in Orange County, but now I live in Los Angeles. I’ve just always been scared of driving.

TSS: If you could be on any reality show, which one would you choose and why?

B: Ok, so I don’t watch a lot of reality tv. But the shows that I have seen are The Circle, on Netflix, and my friends just got me into Drag Race. So, I think I would go with Drag Race, but I would like to be a guest judge and look at all the looks.

TSS: What was the first big concert you ever attended?

B: Hillary duff! I don’t know if that’s a big concert – I mean, I was a child. But it was the first one I can remember.

TSS: What was your favorite song?

B: Oh (singing) ‘Let the rain fall down...’

TSS: And you still know the words?

B: Oh, yes!

TSS: Do you have a celebrity crush?

B: Oh yeah – Jeff Goldblum

TSS: Jeff Goldblum?!

B: I don’t care how old he is – I love him!

TSS: Wait, is that the guy from Jurassic Park?

B: Right! I love him so much. I got to meet him, and he signed my phone case which was also a picture of him.

TSS: Did you run into him?

B: No. He’s actually in a band - a jazz band. And he used to perform at this restaurant in Los Angeles. At intermission he would go around and meet everyone. On my birthday, I was like 24, I got to meet him. It was the best day ever.

TSS: Do you have a good knock-knock joke?

B: Are there any good knock-knock jokes?

TSS: No (laughing)

B: So then, no – sorry, but no (laughing).

TSS: How do you get yourself motivated?

B: Maybe by rewarding myself. I’ve been watching so many good shows, and I motivate myself by being like ‘well, Bree, if you do this you can watch it tonight’ – as if I’m a child, but I’m just the boss of myself. I guess rewarding myself with really good TV. Like I am currently watching, Archive 81 on Netflix and it is amazing! I never heard anyone talk about it, but my boyfriend and I came across it and it’s so good.

TSS: What are you grateful for?

B: I know it sounds cheesy, but every morning before I wake up and scroll through my phone, I do a gratitude list. It’s always the same thing, but in the morning, I say what I am thankful for. Like my boyfriend – he is the best partner ever – and I am grateful for my house, my job, and the opportunities I have. That’s always my go to.

TSS: I love that!

B: Yeah, you know, I used to wake up and reach for my phone and look at emails and messages. Then I would get overwhelmed. I think it is nicer when I take a second and then get to it.

TSS: Hotel or Airbnb?

B: Definitely a hotel girl. You know I’ve had a lot of conversations with my friends about this. Now, Airbnb is so expensive – like what!? And I love the luxury of a hotel.

TSS: What was your favorite Halloween costume?

B: Actually, you are asking the right person, because I am the number one halloween fan. I just turned 26, a few months ago, and I still get dressed up for Halloween. But one year I was the Corpse Bride – it’s a Tim Burton movie. I completely painted my body blue. I’ve never done that before. It looked amazing and I was so happy with the results. That was probably my favorite Halloween costume.

TSS: Did the paint stay on all night?

B: Actually, it took me two hours to paint my whole body. I took a picture and then took a shower…

TSS: (Gasp!)

B: And then I went out and everyone was like ‘where’s the photo you just posted?’ But I was too scared the paint was going to get on people’s stuff. I was specifically going to a place where the person had a white couch, and I was not going to risk it. So, I guess I did it for me.

TSS: If you could learn one skill, what would it be?

B: Driving… No, no. Speaking another language. My grandma is from Spain, and I don’t know why she never taught me Spanish. But I think it would be a good universal language to know.

TSS: Your boss has something in their teeth, what do you do?

B: Oh no! This would totally show if I were a good person or not. Honesty, I probably wouldn’t say anything. And I hate to say that… I would tell my friends, but I guess it depends on how obvious it was. Like if it was a poppy seed, then probably not. But maybe for a whole piece of kale, maybe I would.

TSS: You can bring back a fashion trend, what would it be?

B: I feel like so many things are making their rounds, so I have to really think about what hasn’t. I really love the 70’s and 80’s styles. So, anything from there. Like big hair – maybe that!

TSS: If you ran the world, what is one thing you would change?

B: Obviously I could give a really serious answer, but let’s be fun. I would make a law that there has to be music in every public restroom. Because I am not trying to hear your business.

TSS: Genius!

B: Yeah, I just think the world would be a lot better if there was music in every public restroom. I know there are much bigger issues but trying to keep it light.

TSS: What is your favorite tradition or holiday?

B: I said it earlier, but I love Halloween. I love Christmas, but I am going team Halloween right now. And my favorite tradition is doing all the spooky Halloween events. So, Halloween Horror Nights at Universal, Knott's Scary Farm, pumpkin patches – things like that. I really love everything fall and Halloween related.

TSS: Do you like being scared?

B: I love being scared. I think it’s fun.

TSS: Do you have any hobbies?

B: What are my hobbies? Hmmm…. Going to theme parks? Can that really be a hobby? Being a Disney adult?

TSS: Sure!

B: Then I guess being a Disney Adult is my hobby – like knowing random facts. For example, where every restroom is located in the theme park.

TSS: Who is your favorite Disney character and movie?

B: Ok, so Goofy is my favorite. But a more niche character is the mayor from The Nightmare Before Christmas. And I’ll give you my top three Disney movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Zootopia, and Aristocrats.

TSS: How do you practice sustainability?

B: I guess in little steps, because starting off can be overwhelming. So by making smarter choices in clothing, using reusable water bottles, and taking shorter showers. I think sustainability is a journey, and I am taking those small steps that impact so much. Starting slow and doing the attainable things first.

By: Amanda Charmley

Interview featuring Bree - @breekish

Photo by Patrick - @patrickyandoc

Hair and Makeup by Jen - @jencastelo_

**Some answers may have been edited for the purpose of clarity.