In Focus with Chanel

The day of a photoshoot can be hectic. There is only a small window of time to get our checklist accomplished. Multitasking, we sit with Chanel as she gets her hair and makeup done, and begin our blog questions. Instantly, we wish we had more time. Chanel makes you feel as if you’ve known her forever - like good friends just picking right back up. Often, our Q & A goes into tangents, and we must reel ourselves back in. Chanel is relatable, authentic, and lives her life the way she wants to live it. If there was ever a need for a wing-woman, she would be at the top of our list. Introducing the amazing, Chanel!

TSS: The Super Bowl is coming up, who are you rooting for: Bengals, Rams, Halftime Show, or commercials?

C: The food!

TSS: Right?! Why wasn’t that an option?

C: No, no.. I am rooting for LA. I’m not a huge football fan – unless I am at the game then I get really pumped. But obviously LA, because I live in LA. But there is also the Puppy Bowl, so….

TSS: I have never watched the Puppy Bowl!

C: Oh, it is super cute. It’s a bunch of puppies in a play pen and all the puppies are up for adoption.

TSS: Ahhh… I didn’t know that. OK, so now I am going to watch the Puppy Bowl.

C: And get a dog…

TSS: Haha! No my husband would not be too thrilled. No more dogs…

 TSS: Ryan Gosling or Ryan Reynolds?

 C: Ahhhh. That is sooo hard! I mean I love Ryan Gosling because obviously The Notebook. But Ryan Reynolds I think is so funny and I am all about humor. I might have to go Ryan Reynolds. I don’t know, I don’t know! Can I say both… BOTH!

TSS: You are waving to someone across the room. You think you know them – you don’t. How do you play it off?

C: Ummm. I quickly look behind me, and then I look around the room and act like it wasn’t me. Haha!

TSS: If you were a cocktail or a non-alcoholic beverage, what would you be and why?

C: Well, I would definitely be a cocktail… I would probably be a spicy Margarita.

TSS: Ohhh… Why spicy?

C: Well, because I’m feisty and I love tequila. Also, my dad’s side is Mexican so it just runs through my veins. 

Women in black shorts and black shirt jumping

TSS: What would an outsider not know about your industry?

C: I think it’s a lot harder than people think. I think people believe we just stand there and look pretty. But the mental and physical side of it is much more difficult. One, I mean you are standing on your feet all day – it hurts your back! And having to smile and to be on all the time. And then the emotional side of people critiquing your body, the way you look, if you gained a little weight and don’t fit into something – they look at you different or make a comment. It hurts. I think people think it’s this fun perfect job – it is, and I’m grateful – but it’s a lot more difficult than you think in all aspects.

TSS: Do you have a favorite mug and why?

C: Yes! It’s my mug that they gave us after we got married. We got married at this place called One Hour Marriage. It’s kind of like a courthouse type thing, but it’s one hour and we did it quickly. They gave us a mug and it’s huge – it says “one hour marriage” on it. I like it for the purpose that it’s massive. I like big things. Big bowls to eat salads out of, big cups that I can drink out of – I just like it big…

TSS: Wait where is this place?

C: It’s in Alhambra. Like an hour from where I live.

TSS: Was this a spur of the moment thing?

C: Yep! I mean we were engaged, and then one day he was like “let’s get married” and I was like ok!

TSS: So, what did you do after?

C: We went and had some wine and cheese at this cute little place by our house, and then we went across the street and had an amazing dinner. Then I changed into sweatpants and sat outside our place. Friends just came over and we ate and drank. It was really nice.

TSS: What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

C: Hmmm… I guess I would say: stay true to yourself and love yourself. There is a lot you can’t do unless you love and accept yourself first.

TSS: How do you unwind after a crazy day?

C: I either cook a delicious meal or I order a delicious meal – depending on how tired I am… And I light some candles and snuggle on the couch with my dog and husband and watch a good show. If I had it my way, I would watch a cooking show.

TSS: Like on the Food Network?

C: I looooove the Food Network?

TSS: What do you watch? I’m obsessed…..

C: I watch Triple D, Beat Bobby Flay, and Crazy Delicious. Oh, and Chopped – obviously. And the Great British Baking Show is one of my faves. There are so many… I am just a sucker for the food channels.

TSS: Do you cook?

C: Yeah, I can cook. I wouldn’t say I am gourmet by any means, but I can cook. I don’t know… I did make a really mean steak the other night. Might make it again tonight. Stop it, now I’m hungry!

Woman wearing light blue sweatshirt and sweat pant sitting down

TSS: What would you tell your five year old self?

C: Enjoy life! Because it goes by really fast. And not that I took anything for granted, but I feel like in the moments – my friends call it the salad days – like the good old days, because it was carefree and you were in the moment with your friends. Life was so fun. You know, the good ol’ days….

TSS: What is your biggest pet peeve?

C: I don’t like when people are late. Like constantly late. And liars, obviously. No one likes liars. It’s not a pet peeve, but it’s a weird one.. You know when you're on an airplane when the toilet flushes and it makes that awful sound – I hate that sound. I cover my ears. It gives me the heebie jeebies.

TSS: What is the most important thing to remember daily?

C: That your feelings now, are not permanent – it will go through you. Like, if you are angry or sad- feel it, but it will go through you and you will move on. It’s usually not a permanent feeling.

TSS: What is your favorite sandwich?

C: Oh! fried chicken sandwich – easy!

TSS: From where?

C: One of the best fried chicken sandwiches I have had was from this random burger joint in Sedona. It. Was. Unbelievable! It was fried chicken, a delicious buttery bun, and slaw – huge slaw fan. Now my mouth is watering!  

TSS: What’s the next item on your bucket list?

C: Oh. I mean, there is a lot. I really want to go to this thing called Outstanding in the Field. It’s in different spots like Mexico, California, Arizona… and there is one long table somewhere cool like the beach or the mountains. You eat with strangers and it’s a culinary experience. They have amazing chefs come in and cook from that region – farm to table style – and they pair the food with wine. You can even stay and "Glamp". It sounds awesome! Oh and I also want to crash a wedding…

TSS: Crash a wedding!?

C: Like a proper wedding crash.

TSS: You would be brave enough to do that?

C: If I had enough spicy margaritas in me- yeah!

TSS: What was your first car?

C: Yes, she was Crossfire, Chrysler and she was periwinkle – the color. My mom and I test drove it when we were in Seattle, and I became obsessed with it. I had been working since I was 13, so technically I bought it, but she bought it and surprised me on my 16th birthday. She was a good car.

TSS: What is your favorite way to get exercise?

C: Oh I love workout classes. Boxing, Pilates – any kind of class – I am in. I’ll try anything – HIIT, spin, weights, bar – as long as it’s a class.

TSS: What simple thing still blows your mind?

C: Cheese! I love cheese. Simple but delicious.

TSS: What is your favorite type of cheese?

C: I love goat cheese, truffle, cheddar, camembert – I just love cheese

TSS: How do you practice sustainability?

C: Oh, I recycle and use metal straws. We are switching to this detergent that isn’t liquid- it’s sheets. I use glass bottles instead of plastic. When I buy makeup, I make sure it is cruelty free. I love natural ingredients that are better for the earth.

By - Amanda Charmley 

Interview featuring Chanel - @chanelcelaya21

Photo by Patrick - @patrickyandoc

Hair and Makeup by Jen - @jencmakeup

**Some answers may have been edited for the purpose of clarity.