In Focus with Araya

Our second collection took over a year to develop. Supply chain issues related to Covid-19 caused delays and hurdles on an everyday basis. Getting to this photoshoot was an accomplishment in itself. But seeing our first look on Araya made all the challenges fade into the past. Araya has this energy about her. Maybe it’s her confidence or years of modeling experience. But whatever
it is, when she’s in front of the camera, you know you are in store for something good. She’s a new mom, a wife, a modeling pro, and a total babe. Meet the one and only, Araya Nicks!

TSS: Thank you for coming and participating in our Blog: In Focus. For those who don’t know you, please introduce yourself.

A: Hi my name is Araya Nicks, and I am with Wilhelmina Models.

TSS: So, you are a new mom, congrats! How’s new mom life going?

A: Thanks! Oh my god, it’s amazing, it’s exhausting, it’s an adventure – I am learning every single day. Definitely a journey.

TSS: Popcorn or M&M's?

A: Can I combine the two together?

TSS: Sure!

A: Ok, then I would combine and them peanut M&M's.

TSS: What is the worst fashion style choice you’ve ever made?

A: Oh my god, I wore Apple Bottom Jeans and boots with the fur.

TSS: You did?!

A: Yes, girl! I wore the whole song! I was in high school, totally thinking I was the one. Thought I was cute, but definitely not cute at all!

TSS: Ok, you send a text that was intended for someone, but accidentally sent it to another. How do you get out of it?

A: Oh my god, I’ve done that multiple times... Ugh. I just got to be honest with them and say sorry that wasn’t for you, my bad… I have to be nice about it.

TSS: The zombie apocalypse is coming. Who are the three people you want on your team and why?

A: First, my brother. He can make things up and get us out of anything. Then my husband – I feel like my husband and baby can be one because I am not leaving without them. And then, shoot, I guess – sorry mom – my stepdad. He can also get us out of anything.

TSS: What’s your guilty pleasure?

A: I love all things carbs. Anything carbs. Garlic bread, Hot Cheetos- terrible for me - but I love a good junk food.

TSS: Who has made a positive impact in your life?

A: So many people. My mother is amazing, she helps with everything. And my grandfather, who is no longer with us - yeah, he was a great guy.

TSS: What is your least favorite chore?

A: I love doing laundry, but I hate folding the laundry. I hate putting away my clothes.

TSS: Bonus question, how do you get out of it?

A: Um, I tell my husband I’ve done too much for the day and that’s his job…

TSS: Do you believe in ghosts?

A: Um, I believe in spirits, yeah, I think I do. Angels, Demons, all of it.

TSS: What’s your favorite emoji?

A: The one with the shocking eyes - the big eyes. It can be anything – it can be shocked, excited, interested- I use it all the time.

TSS: You were given 1 million dollars to send to charity. Where do you send the money?

A: I think it would go toward an orphanage and families in need. I really love kids and helping people.

TSS: What’s your go-to potluck dish?

A: I make a really good chili dip, which is more of an appetizer. And I make a great charcuterie board. I leave the entrees to my friends. I’m more of an app girl.

TSS: You can live anywhere in the world for a year. Where would you go and why?

A: Somewhere tropical and hot. I think I would like to try Tahiti. I’ve heard amazing things. And Spain along the coast.

TSS: How do you practice sustainability?

A: I avoid plastics and eat locally grown. I like to support small businesses. I think small choices every day to make a big impact.

By: Alana Schmidt

Interview featuring Araya - @arayanicks

Photos by Patrick - @patrickyandoc

Hair and Makeup by Jen - @jencmakeup

**Some answers may have been edited for the purpose of clarity.**